Motability Car Trade In

What do I do with my current car? We know this can be a sticking point for many people, so here are some of the benefits of trading in, along with some other useful options.


  • Around a quarter of Motability's network of nearly 5,000 dealerships now offer you the option of trading in your existing privately-owned car. This allows you to use the value of your car against any possible advance payment on your new Motability car, or you can save the money to spend how you wish.
  • You are able to keep your existing vehicle until the day you collect your new Motability car; which means you do not have to worry about managing without a car, even for a short time. The price you agree with your dealer might be lower than you could get if you sold your car privately, however it does mean you avoid the hassle of a private sale.
  • Any trade-in arrangement is made between yourself and the dealer - we are not able to comment on or negotiate the trade-in price on your behalf

Private Sale

Selling your car privately will probably get you the highest value for your car. However, you will need to ensure that you have the time and money available to prepare your car for sale.

Once the vehicle has been cleaned and any necessary repairs have been made, you will need to advertise it for sale. This can be done through your local newspaper classified section, car sale publications and websites such as Autotrader, Exchange & Mart and eBay.

Once advertised wou'l need to set aside time to answer phone calls and meet interested parties for test drives. When you have found a buyer and have the money in hand, the last step is to transfer the title and registration, and cancel your insurance on the vehicle.

Sell your car at auction

If you put your car up for auction it will, almost certainly, assure you of a same-day sale. Your local auction house will tell you when and where to bring your car, and will also explain the process. The cost of selling your car through an auction can be as much as ten per cent of the hammer price plus VAT, but you are almost guaranteed a quick sale.


Why not donate your car to charity and raise money for a good cause? Charities accepting car donations will handle almost everything for you, and you may also be able to deduct the full amount from your tax return.


Help the environment and recycle it there are easy, safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your car, with many companies now offering free disposal. Autogreen and Cartakeback both offer nationwide services for scrapping cars.