Motability Car Scheme

With All Electric  Hyundai Motability in Kidderminster and Skoda Motability in Birmingham (Kings Heath), you simply exchange your mobility allowance in exchange for a car. Included with the car is a whole host of benefits, so the only thing you actually need to budget for is your fuel. You don't even have to be able to drive yourself as you can nominate up to two other drivers or, equally, if your child receives the allowance you can receive a car on their behalf.

The 3 Steps of Motabilty

1. Choose the car you want -

  • Speak to your Motability expert who can run through your requirements and advise as necessary. We can also discuss whether optional extras or adaptions might help make driving easier or more comfortable.

2. Make an appointment for a test drive

  • Take your time and get comfortable, the test drive is for your benefit.
  • Accessibility is everything. Make sure you and any equipment can get in and out securely and easily.
  • Try a number of road types and manoeuvres to test the car's performance and sight lines.
  • Nominated drivers should also take the car for a test drive, but be careful not to let them over-influence your decision

3. Order your car -

  • The final step: it couldn't be easier! Once you have decided which car is right for you, your Motability specialist will complete the ordering process with you using our simple online system, in store.

Picking Up Your New Car

We will advise you when your new car will be delivered. Once a delivery date has been confirmed, we will finalise your insurance and loss and damage protection details and get your agreement ready for you to complete. We offer a firm 'price guarantee' to our customers, that ensures the price you agree with us when your application is accepted, is the price you pay when you collect your car. 

When you collect your car, your Motability specialist will give you a one-on-one personal tour. You will then be asked to sign the agreement between yourself and Motability Operations. This has to be done at the dealership and can be completed quickly and simply via the online system, by entering your Personal Identification Number (which you will receive when your application is accepted). Your tax disc will be provided with your car and Motability Operations will hold the V5 document. 
Finally, if your car has an advance payment, you will need to pay this to us in one lump sum. And that's it: Welcome to the Motability Car Scheme!

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"Fair Wear and Tear Policy"

Our "Fair Wear and Tear Policy" means that unavoidable minor damage caused by a wheelchair or other mobility aid will be accepted as general wear and tear. Which means that this type of wear will not need to be repaired before returning your car at the end of your contract. However, to keep costs low for all our customers, cars that are returned seriously damaged to a degree which may affect re-sale value will be subject to damage payments.

Free Training For Young Drivers

We can arrange to fund additional training for young drivers (16-24) on new Contract Hire agreements. The 6 hour training course is delivered by the AA and can be arranged when you collect your car. In the event of a claim, drivers who have successfully completed the training will pay a lower amount of excess than the standard amount for drivers in this age bracket.

Mileage Allowance

Motability leases now come with a mileage allowance of 60,000 miles for three-year agreements and 100,000 for five-year Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) agreements.

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