Park a KAROQ in Front of Your House – or on Your Shelf

Use your mobile or tablet to explore the ŠKODA KAROQ! An augmented reality app allows you to superimpose this new compact SUV among other cars in a street, or to miniaturise it and stick it on a shelf at home.

SKODA is introducing a new augmented reality mobile app to help you configure the KAROQ just the way you want it. Take your pick of 17 body colours, 7 wheel sets, and two trim levels to get an instant photo-realistic 3D model of the car. You can then inspect your perfectly tailored car from all possible – and impossible – angles, peek inside, and explore all the available equipment in detail. In this section of the app, you can also learn all about the car’s most-appealing features, with short videos showcasing all the gadgets.

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