Hyundai Affinity Scheme

Purchasing a new Hyundai has never been easier. And if you’re a Hyundai Affinity customer you have the added benefit of purchasing a Hyundai for a reduced-price tag.

All you have to to is register with your organisation’s Affinity code and we’ll show you the vehicles and the current Affinity offers which are available to you!

Check with your organisation to see if they’re part of Affinity with Hyundai. If so, you’ll need their Affinity code to register.

Affinity On The Road Pricing
Affinity Pricing with Metallic Paint
i10 (AC3)From £12,099.64From £12,616.64
i10 (IA)From £8,739.76From £9,212,76
i20From £12,113.78From £12,570,28
i30 Hatch (MY20)From £14,918.10From £15,415,35
i30 Hatch (MY20.5)From £16,652.10From £17,149.35
i30 Tourer (MY20)From £15,343.10 From £15,840.35
i30 Tourer (MY20.5)From £17,077.10From £17,574.35
i30N Hatchback (MY20)From £24.077.91 From £24,610.26
i30 Fastback (MY20)From £18,176.57 From £18,685.52
i30 Fastback (MY20.5) From £17,731.60 From £18,228.85
i30N Fastback (MY19/MY20) From £27,717,91
From £28,250.26
ix20 From £14,477.22 From £14,968.77
From £15,988.52 From £16,480.07
KONA (HYBRID) From £21,371.52 From £21,891.32
Tucson (PETROL) From £19,687.44
From £20,246.05
Tucson (48V HYBRID) From £22,869.64
From £23,428.24
From £34,548.12
From £35,148.42
IONIQ Hybrid (MY20) From £20,842.72
From £21,334.26
IONIQ PLUG-IN HYBRID (MY20) From £26,400.57
From £26,891.11

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Who is entitled to the scheme.

The Affinity scheme is offered to employees of select corporate organisations or retired employees receiving a pension from an eligible company. Proof of employment will need to be supplied upon the purchase of a vehicle. The scheme is also extended to immediate family and step relations. There is no need to reside at the same address or have the same surname, but proof of relationship needs to be provided whether it be eg. marriage certificate, birth certificate, utility bill. along with a signed letter confirming the relationship from the Affinity partner

Please note, the following relatives are eligible for the scheme: Wife/Husband or Partner, Mother/Mother in Law, Sister/Sister in Law, Daughter/ Daughter in Law, Son/Son in Law, Father/ Father in Law or Brother/Brother in Law. Step relations within thislist are also permitted. No other relatives are eligible for this scheme.

There are almost 100 organisations & local companies
signed up the Scheme including:

  • Any Civil Servant public sector and Local Government employee
  • Teachers
  • Plus many more including...