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Hyundai Affinity Scheme
Hyundai Affinity Scheme
Your job could save you & your family up to £3,308 off a brand new Hyundai
160,000+ Companies Registered
Hyundai Affinity

Hyundai Affinity Scheme, Save Thousands off a new Hyundai.

The Hyundai Affinity scheme gives you, and your immediate family, access to exclusive deals across the entire Hyundai Range.

What is the Hyundai Affinity Scheme ?

The Affinity scheme is a partnership between Hyundai UK and selected affiliated businesses. Members of staff of those companies, and holders of a pension from those companies, as well as their immediate family, are entitled to a discount on the price of a new Hyundai car. The amount of discount is variable but can be several thousand pounds. Qualifying companies typically include the Public Sector, NHS, Emergency Services, Blue Badge holders and major employers as well as employees and members of registered charities.

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Your job could save you & your family up to £3,308 off a brand new Hyundai
160,000+ Companies Registered
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There are almost 100 organisations & local companies
signed up the Scheme including:

  • Any Civil Servant public sector and Local Government employee
  • Teachers
  • Plus many more including...

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Who is entitled to the scheme.

The Affinity scheme is offered to employees of select corporate organisations or retired employees receiving a pension from an eligible company. Proof of employment will need to be supplied upon the purchase of a vehicle. The scheme is also extended to immediate family and step relations. There is no need to reside at the same address or have the same surname, but proof of relationship needs to be provided whether it be eg. marriage certificate, birth certificate, utility bill. along with a signed letter confirming the relationship from the Affinity partner

Please note, the following relatives are eligible for the scheme: Wife/Husband or Partner, Mother/Mother in Law, Sister/Sister in Law, Daughter/ Daughter in Law, Son/Son in Law, Father/Father in Law or Brother/Brother in Law. Step relations within thislist are also permitted. No other relatives are eligible for this scheme.

Do I qualify for a Hyundai Affinity Discount?

The Affinity programme is for the use of current employees, retired employees drawing up a pension or up to date members of an Hyundai Affinity partner companies / member organisations. Proof of employment, pension receipt or up to date membership will be required at the point of order.

Family members can also qualify but proof of relationship to the Affinity member will be required at the point of order,
along with proof of employment, a pension receipt or an up to date membership from the Affinity member.

Your job could save you & your family up to £3,308 off a brand new Hyundai

160,000+ Companies Registered: .