All-New Hyundai Kona Electric Motability Offer, Available from NIL Advance Payment

The brand new Hyundai Kona Electric is now available on Motability at All Electric Garages in Kidderminster & Stourbridge, Available from £0 advance payment ^AP).

All-new KONA Electric Advance 48kWh

  • LED MFR Headlamps
  • Door Mirrors - Electric Adjustment and Heated with Power Folding Function
  • 17'' Alloy Wheels
  • Air Conditioning - Climate Control Dual Zone
  • Heat Pump

Available from £0 advanced payment ^

✓ FREE Charger including installation

Hyundai KONA Electric Motability price list

REF numberModelCIV APCIV AllowanceWP APWP Allowance
672452 KONA 115kW Advance 48kWh £0 T/A £0 £77.62
672451 KONA 160kW Advance 65kWh £0 T/A £0 £77.62
672450 KONA 160kW N Line 65kWh £299 T/A £0 £79.62
672449 KONA 160kW N Line S 65kWh £999 T/A £52 £83.95
672448 KONA 160kW Ultimate 65kWh £999 T/A £52 £83.95
672447 KONA 115kW Advance 48kWh [Comfort Pack] £99 T/A £0 £78.28
672445 KONA 160kW Advance 65kWh [Comfort Pack] £99 T/A £0 £78.28
672444 KONA 160kW N Line S 65kWh [Lux Pack] £2,299 T/A £949 T/A
672443 KONA 160kW Ultimate 65kWh [Lux Pack] £1,849 T/A £499 T/A
671586 KONA 160kW Ultimate 65kWh [Leather] £1,449 T/A £99 T/A
671585 KONA 160kW Ultimate 65kWh [Lux Pack/Leather] £2,299 T/A £949 T/A

CIV AP– Civil Advance Payment
CIV Allowance- Civil Allowance
WP AP- War Pensioners Advance Payment
WP Allowance- War Pensioners Allowance

Use your £750 New Vehicle Payment to help pay for your Advance Payment

The Motability scheme are now giving you the option to send your £750 New Vehicle Payment directly to us to help towards the cost of your Advance Payment.

This is instead of getting the New Vehicle Payment a few weeks after you’ve picked up your new vehicle and already paid your Advance Payment.