Maxus Van Leasing Deals in Kidderminster.

As a Main Dealer for Maxus, we assure you the best pricing and prompt delivery for any leased Maxus van.

Maxus offers a diverse range of commercial vehicles, including the Diesel Deliver 9 a full-size panel van that competes with the Ford Transit. Renowned for exceptional performance, high efficiency, and unparalleled reliability, Maxus vehicles meet the demands of various businesses.

Our electric vehicle lineup includes the eDeliver 9 electric van, with an impressive maximum range of 219 miles, and the eDeliver 3, offering up to 213 miles on a single charge.

A recent addition to our electric vehicle fleet is the world's first Fully Electric Pick-up—the Maxus T90 EV. With an impressive range of up to 220 miles, it combines cutting-edge technology with a modern interior, providing ample space for both passengers and storage needs.

We can customise all Maxus lease deals to your specific requirements.